Too often, we trainers are eager to take credit for amazing results our clients receive. We think (especially those of us new to the industry) that we somehow are responsible for changing our clients' lives. We are, but only to a minimal extent.
Exercise deserves the credit because exercise is magic. There is no drug or diet that will revolutionize a person's life for the better like exercise. It makes you lose weight, build lean muscle, reduce depression, clear your mind, send "feel-good"� juices all through your body and make you look years younger. Name anything else on the planet that can do that!
Trainers instinctively know this and appreciate this; this is why we are in this industry. However, sometimes we get a little full of ourselves and think we're the ones with the magic, rather than exercise. But we're more like a wizard, harnessing the power of the magic, making it more accessible to the masses, rather than the one creating the magic.
So fire up those wands and caldrons, stand back, and let the magic do its thing.