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Feb. 3 2010 12:00 AM

Motivationis a fickle thing. Like any emotion, it's unreliable. Yet it stillcolorsso much of our life experience, and it's a primary element that we, asfitnessprofessionals, are charged with bringing into the lives of those we affect.Butif you're like me, you sometimes feel like you motivate others so much thatthereisn't any left over for you. You give so much to your clientele that energyiszapped from progress toward your own goals.

Keepingyour own motivation high is critical, and there are two ways to harnessthaterratic emotion. First, create systems or habits for yourself so that yoursuccessdoesn'trely solely on how you feel. Instead, it becomes automatic. Whenyoudo things based on structure you've created rather than on if you feel like itornot, you're much more likely to lay the groundwork for success.

Second,you must constantly feed your brain (and your heart) with new ideas,reassuranceand inspiration. When you have a positive stream of ideas comingin,you're more likely to have an outflow of positive work.

That'swhy we're here. PFP's mission has always been to give you, the fitnessprofessional,the motivation, know-how and inspiration to make the most ofthisincredibly rewarding career. And because the theme of this issue is onmotivation,ourindustry writers have laid out specifics on how to motivate yourself,yourteam and your clients.

Giveyourself some time this month to read, imagine and dream. Think of whatcouldbe this year. Decide that 2010 is your time to shine. Believe that you aredestinedfor greatness and that the universe conspires on your behalf. Be bold.Be big. And never hold back.