There's a popular idea within fitness and business communities that says it's more important to get something done fast rather than doing something well, an idea summed up in sayings like "Ready, Shoot, Aim." Although I understand the importance of action, as well as one's ability to sabotage a project by trying to make it perfect (been there, done that), I also believe strongly in integrity. Countless products being sold in our industry right now are nothing more than crap - publications littered with typos and misstatements, big promises in sales copy and products that don't deliver, etc.

Buck the system. Decide to deliver only top-notch products and services. Don't hamstring your innovativeness by demanding perfection, but make sure everything you produce - whether it's a training session, software, an e-book or a "business system" - actually delivers value or overdelivers. Antiquated as it may seem, I believe that quality always meets with success; speed usually causes nothing but collisions.