I’ll let you decide if you think I can predict the future ...

Every year I write up a recap of the climbing trends of which specific fitness niches are becoming more popular based on the American Academy of Sports Medicine's research. I also speak about which fads are falling out of favor with the general public. This typically means that fewer people are willing to pay out of pocket for those services, so it really is important to keep an eye on these trends. Today, though, I don't want to talk about trends, but rather the true future of fitness.

Many online gurus once said that 1-on-1 training is dead and that bootcamps are the future. And now the big buzzword is "group training." But this just isn't the truth at all.

What I'm here to tell you is that no one else decides your future for you and that includes how YOU will train clients. Of course, if all you care about is making more money then it doesn't really matter what type of training you choose. But, then again if you're taking the time to read this article and improve yourself as a fitness professional I believe you're in this for the long-term and that what you're really looking for is both a financially and emotionally rewarding career you can be proud of.

Sure, bootcamps or small group training or some other trend may become temporarily more popular, but as I've said before all types of training will always be in demand with certain segments of the population. This enables you to not have to compromise. And, as I've demonstrated in previous articles you can make a great living choosing anyone one of them. Just to recap, this is all you need to do to make $75,000 a year, which is double to triple what most trainers make:

- To make $75,000 a year training 1-on-1 sessions all you need is 10-12 clients totaling 21 sessions per week at $69 per session.
- With semi-private you'll need 3 clients all training at the same time charging $49 a session. This equals approximately 15-30 clients at 10 sessions per week if you're able to maximize your time.
- With small group training you'll need 32 clients all paying $197 a month with you training 10-20 sessions a week.
- With bootcamps you'll need 65 clients all paying $97 a month with you training 10-20 sessions a week.

So as you can see it's not about trying to fit yourself into a particular type of training you've been told is the next wave of fitness, but rather choosing your favorite training style and building your fitness business around it. The true future of fitness is what you want it to be, so never let anyone else persuade you to leave your particular training passion in order to chase the money ...

Stephen Cabral has consulted for MTV, Maxim, Men's Health, NutritionData, SELF, Women's Day, as well as dozens of others. He was named the PFP 2011 Trainer of the Year. He is also a fitness writer, author, studio owner, and the founder of Personal Training Business School. His free fitness business video series, proven strategies and success tips can be found athttp://PersonalTrainingBusinessSchool.com