In what is now recognized as an entirely standalone category, FitTech is constantly changing and so is its impact on the industry, our businesses, and its impact on our consumer. We asked a handful of our industry colleagues from different corners of the industry to see what they see at a 2019 FitTech trend to watch. What trends do you believe fitness professionals should be watching?

Integration of exercise guidance & metrics devices

Fitness tech trends to watch will include a more sophisticated integration of both exercise guidance and metrics in one device or feature (trackers, hearables, smart equipment and apparel, VR, etc.), including cues and programming that play off real-time metrics for a more personalized experience.

Amanda Vogel
Fitness expert and blogger

Data on demand

With the explosive growth of technology into the fitness industry today's members take a portfolio approach to health and wellness. Whether it is with wearables that track their steps, apps that track their calories or streaming services that place nearly all types of fitness programs just a few clicks away, today's fitness professional must embrace this data on demand and move into the role of interpreter and teacher to truly thrive.

Jason Stowell

National Fitness and Membership Consultant at JCCA

Bio-hacking technology and AI

Medical integration and bio-hacking fitness technology combine to deliver new and superior medical, health and wellness club/model. Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration used to create personalized nutrition, exercise and supplements protocols based on genetic and ancestry testing.

JR Burgess

CEO, Rejuv Medical/HealthOvators

3D body scanning and visualization

3D body scanning and visualization solutions are reshaping transformation today by powering up motivation because now users can track and see their key biometrics over time to realistically attach behaviors to outcomes – moreover, solutions offering dynamic movement assessments address weaknesses and imbalances arming trainers with data to create regimens that head-off injury.

Alan Louden
Sales Director, Shapewatch

Virtual fitness programming

To change alongside the landscape of the industry, you will also need to change the depth of your offering. A fully integrated fitness solution will ensure that you are embrace your members needs and preferences and keep them with you for longer. LIVE. VIRTUAL. AT HOME.

Amy Boone Thompson
IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year Finalist 2019