Continuous rope low row

    Rope training is a popular and challenging way to target the upper body and core. In this column, I will discuss using the Revvll ONE mobile rope trainer to improve strength and stamina. This training tool provides continuous variable resistance on demand with the ability to push and pull the rope from multiple heights.

    Execution:Securely anchor the Revvll ONE to a solid structure using the anchor sling and carabiner. Next, grasp the rope in both hands (palms up). Position the body in a split stance with the left foot forward in an athletic position. Engage the core to ensure a neutral spine, and begin pulling the rope continuously for time or desired number of pulls on each side. Note: the resistance can be adjusted prior to beginning. Choose a higher resistance for more of a strength focus.

    Perform 2-3 sets alternating between the left and right foot forward, while choosing the appropriate rest intervals based on the fitness level of the client. To increase the rotational demand on the shoulders and torso, perform an alternate pulling technique with one hand in a pronated (palm down) position and the other in a supinated (palm up) position.

    Keep in mind the rope should not touch the ground during the exercise. Beginners should start with the lowest level of resistance and avoid jerking the rope abruptly to ensure fluid and consistent movement.


    1. Increase the time duration

    2. Increase the resistance

    Application: The endless rope low row strengthens the back, biceps and shoulders, while challenging core stability and endurance. The Revvll ONE allows the user to change resistance levels and focus on strength or stamina. It is ideal for individual or group fitness settings, and its unique design makes it portable and ideal for use indoors and outdoors.