For a moment, go back to the days not long ago where cell phones simply enabled us to make emergency phone calls, computers were primarily for word processing, and marketing meant putting an ad in the local paper. If you were not yet in the industry prior to the days of social media, email, blogs and smartphones, imagine how different your business would have been. You couldn't showcase your before and after pictures to potential clients on your website. You would be tied up answering your phone for sales, appointments and cancellations (a landline of course). If you wanted to give a client a program to do on their own, you would have to type it, print it and then hand it to them, and chances are your reach would be limited to about a 10-mile radius.

Though we live in an age where technology and communication are seamless, accessible and omnipresent, at the core of what we offer our clients really has not changed. We are still compassionate experts helping our clients achieve the best version of themselves. We need to use technology as a means to enhance our relationships and make our clients' experiences more meaningful while not losing this sense of true personal connection with our clients. After all, we are personal fitness professionals.

I encourage you to continue to enrich your clients' lives with an unmatched personal service while taking advantage of available technology. Leverage your time with email marketing systems and client management software; enhance your clients' experience and results with online training systems, smartphone apps and cutting-edge body composition tools. Technology should not just make it easier for you to get more clients, add new revenue streams and build your brand, but should allow you to give those you serve more accessible opportunities to reach their goals.

This issue features some of the newest tools and technology and highlights how you can successfully implement them to build your business while enhancing your clients' experience:

- Many of you may aspire to have your own smartphone app. Georgette Pann gives us the checklist of how to make this possible; and it's easier than you might suspect!

- Ever feel limited by the number of hours in a day? Briana Boehmer, co-creator of 411Fit offers solutions to leverage your time with online fitness programming.

- Our Journey to Success feature this issue is Brook Benten. Read about her journey from baton twirler to the creator of Best Buy's hottest selling fitness DVD. 

- As usual, our columnists are right on point as they share with us how they've successfully used technology in their own businesses.

- In our Exercise Trends feature, Bruce Hymanson, creator of the Bodyblade, shows us the importance of incorporating functional training with strength training for optimal client results.

Enjoy this issue of PFP, and be sure to share with us how you use technology to enhance your business on our new Facebook fanpage and on Twitter!

Personally committed to your success,
Lindsay Vastola