"How do I get more clients?" We've all wrestled with this question at 2 a.m. before.

As we check our emails, we start to believe the hype marketing info products try to sell us...

Gain hundreds of new clients with this simple email sequence or discount class program
2. Follow my program and you'll earn an extra $20,000 a month is new client sales
3. Capitalize on social media marketing and gain hundreds of new client referrals

Regardless of whether you're a rookie or 10 year veteran, it's easy to get caught up in the culture of "I want it now" versus "I'm willing to put in the hard work" when it comes to gaining new clients.

What if
you suddenly gained 100 new clients?

Do you have the...

- team in place to handle all the new business?
- systems to manage everyone?
- leadership capacity to lead your team and the business?

Does your team...

- understand and deliver on your brand promises consistently?
- have clarity around their role in communicating,accountability and delivering client results?
- have each others back or do internal conflicts hold them back from rising up and delivering the ultimate experience?

Does your community of clients...

feel welcomed every time they walk in your door or are does your team seem too busy to look up?
- get lost in the growth of numbers, causing their results to slip?
- lose trust in your facility, hold back honest feedback and eventually leave because they feel you've grown comfortable and slacked off from delivering an exceptional experience?

Growing our list of client is one of the most difficult challenges a leader can face in their career. But it's not a complicated one. When struggling to find new clients, fit pros might disagree with that statement.

ll tell you how complex and hard it is to grow their business. As the leads dry up, they may point to an exhausted list of causes like marketing inadequacies, nearby competitors and the economy.

But these are merely symptoms of their troubles.

Why do fit pros keep looking at the same Facebook marketing products, feeder programs and discount deal sites in search of a silver bullet?

For many, it'
s easier to blame in on the complex steps in their marketing efforts than it is to painfully self-examine their behavior. It's easier to distract themselves and others from their personal leadership issues by getting overly involved in the details of their marketing. It's easier to self-create complexity where it should exist.

Growth is a continuous pursuit

To create an endless well of new clients through referrals and walk-in
s, there are 3 simple and free steps to take:

Embrace the desire to produce results as the #1 measure of personal success
2. Build a culture on a foundation of trust,principles and substance
3. Serve with a people over profit

By redefining your external marketing into an internal leadership pursuit, you not only save yourself advertising dollars, you build a strong sense of loyalty, trust and endless referrals (without having to ask or incentivize) from the clients who already enjoy training with you.