make 2017 anything but average

As we round out 2016, our focus shifts to planning our future. We look to 2017 as the year we finally…
  • open the doors to our dream facility
  • cross the six-figure dollar mark
  • grow our community of clients to 200+

Regardless of the dreams we dream, to make 2017 an anything but average year there’s a simple principle to follow:

  • Don’t use average to estimate the limits of excellence.
  • You’ll drastically underestimate what’s possible.

Defining Average

Who really want’s to be average?

The average life expectancy is 78.8 years. Average American carries $7,200 of credit card debt. Average female weighs 166 lbs and male weighs 195.5 lbs. Average personal trainer makes $50,000. Average private training facility pulls in less than $300,000 a year.

Average is nothing more than what society uses to measure mediocrity: How to fit in, dress, train clients, set up your training floor to look like everyone else’s, acquire debt to grow, and push supplements to fix a behavior problem because ‘that’s the way everyone does it in the industry.’

Average is a well intentioned measure of success according to everyone else.

The fitness marketers say everyone should use social media for endless leads. Business guru’s want you to grow faster, not better, to make seven figures. The celebrity trainers make it seem like we all have to be loaded up on 4 cans of RedBull to get the most out of our clients.

It seems the safest thing to do is to fit in by doing what the masses do. It’s also safe to say we have a surplus of average.

You’re Anything but average

Deep down inside, we’re screaming to be anything but average. It’s why we spending an hour using the filters on our phones camera before posting selfies. It’s why we only share the highlights of our life on social media, instead of our average day. We are all wanting to make a dent in the world, but we are held up measuring excellence with average action.

Excellence is defined by you, not a step-by-step program you purchase. It’s not defined by what’s the cool thing to do in the moment. It’s not defined by just being different for different sakes.

Excellence is delivering on your promises…

• each and every day

• every training session from 5:00am to 8:00pm

• every time a client enters your door

• every time you interview a new trainer

• every time you spot check your bathrooms

• every time you unlock your doors for business

• every time you make a choice when no one will ever find out

• every time you speak to your community

• every time you answer your phone and respond to emails

• every time you connect your tribe of clients to one another

The law of average trainers usually reflects wishful thinking. On the flip side, anything but average trainers do what they know.

To make 2017 anything but average, simply put into action all that you know for the next 365 days.