Every night we plug in our phones to recharge from all the day’s usage. Sometimes we have an emergency where we have to find a charger halfway through the day. Sometimes we could go days without a recharge. The need to recharge is a necessity, not a luxury. Are we leading by example?

Since January 1, 2016, think about your daily grind, your teams countless late night group sessions and endless early morning client questions about what to eat for breakfast.

When our alarm goes off at 4 a.m., we typically hit the ground running until late in the night. It adds up, but we love what we do. At times, instead of just plugging in to recharge, you need to shut down to completely reboot.

What if you, your team and your community were to power down for a week no training to reboot so you can come back…

• recharged to lead with the passion, drive and energy you had back on January 1

• refocused around WHY you’re in this industry in the first place: To serve

• renewed to reestablish the deep relationships with your community that drive your facility forward.

Basically I’m challenging you to shut down from training for 3-5 days. Take some time to sleep in. Take some time to go eat breakfast slowly or sit down for dinner with the family. Heck, even go play at the park with the kids.

For a small period of time, forget worrying about measuring your clients waists or biceps. Simply focus on the quality of life you can live by unplugging from your daily routine and slowing down to enjoy the friends, family and loved ones around you.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the chance to slow down and reboot.

Don’t worry about the financial concerns either. When you come back filled with renewed passion and grit, the money will take care of itself. Besides, if you’re running on fumes, I’m pretty sure the energy you’re bringing daily to your sessions isn’t going to inspire your clients to run out and invite their friends to join them for a session.

If you’re curious what this recharge break could do for your facility, consider what it did for mine:

• My community of 500 clients collectively said: “Good for you. Wish my company did this.”

• My team is buzzing with energy like we’re a fresh new start up

• And myself - Priceless. I can honestly say I have not been this refreshed since I opened up 10 years ago.

Shutting down to fully reboot is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make, I promise.