Gainingmomentum in the fitness industry when you are just diving in can be a challenge,especially if you're trying to build your first client base. Whether you'relooking for more clients in your gym or starting your own training business,here are a few tactics to help get you going with little to no investment.

    Attend localnetworking events: The goal of attending local networking events is not to giveout as many business cards as possible and call it an instant success, hopingthe phone will start ringing. Networking events are meant for exactly that --networking and creating relationships. The people you meet may not be yourideal client, but they may be a connection or a link to your ideal client. Lookfor opportunities to joint venture with other local businesses who share yourniche market: salons and spas, tanning salons, realtors, coaches, physicaltherapists, chiropractors, doctors, etc.

    Offer freelunch-and-learn seminars or free lunchtime workouts for local companies: Offera free 45-minute seminar on quick workouts for the busy person or healthysnacks and meals to pack for the office. Small and medium businesses inparticular are always looking for ways to offer wellness programs to theiremployees, boost morale and encourage team building. Bring a sheet of paper toget the names and emails of participants who would like to receive your emailnewsletter to begin building your email subscriber list.

    CommunityFundraisers: Offer a free Saturday morning or evening fitness class for a localschool or sports team. Ideally look for organizations or charities that willattract your ideal client. Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) are always lookingfor ways to raise money, offer a family fitness night or a fitness seminar forfamilies and they will promote it for you. Or partner with a local charity ororganization. Don't forget to ask for the participants to subscribe to youremail newsletter list!

    There areendless ways to market your business and build a fantastic client base withoutmaking a significant investment. Be sure with all marketing and advertisingefforts that you are targeting your niche market and measuring your return oninvestment in terms of time and money spent. Many of the most successfulbusinesses are built purely on creating relationships, delivering a qualityservice, and building a raving clientele willing to help you build yourbusiness simply by word of mouth.