Aug. 1 2016
Look to some of the most visible fitness professionals in our industry for help with effective social media messaging... View More
July 1 2016
We must simplify and declutter how we run our business to make a difference in preserving precious time, energy and money... View More
Sept. 1 2012
How does a woman successfully go from a PhD in English to becoming an authority on yoga training for endurance athletes? Ask Sage Rountree. Among many hats, Rountree is a yoga instructor, published author... View More
July 1 2012
Whether you're watching one of Brook Benten's best-selling workout videos, reading her blog or speaking with her on the phone, it's difficult to not be inspired by her infectious personality and innate... View More
June 1 2012
"As trainers, we need to understand who our clients are, what they need aside from new exercises and equipment, and most important, we need to learn how to communicate with them."The fitness industry is... View More
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April 2 2012
What is your current title? - Owner/Operator of Recovery Fitness, Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Specialist What is your company name? - Recovery Fitness LLC What are your certifications?... View More
March 1 2012
What is your current title? - President of FC Online Marketing Inc./ iLoveKickboxing.com. Co-owner of 27th Street Kickboxing Inc., Chelsea, NYC What is your company name? - 27th Street Kickboxing... View More
Feb. 3 2012
What is your current title? Owner What is your company name? Not Your Average Boot Camp | Leanne@notyouraveragebootcamp.com |www.notyouraveragebootcamp.com What are your certifications? NPTI... View More
Dec. 21 2011
PFP is excited to announce the finalists for the 2012 Trainer of the Year! These fitness industry leaders were chosen from more than 300 applicants. The winner will be honored in March at IHRSA 2012. The... View More
Aug. 1 2011
Nitin Chhoda Certifications: PT, DPT, CSCS Author of Marketing For Physical Therapy Clinics and Total Activation Contact Info: Phone: 201.535.4475 Email: support@therapynewsletter.com Website: www.nitin360.com
June 22 2011
Company: Calabrese Fitness Consulting LLC Certifications: ACE, NSCA, NESTA, AAHFRP Education: Rutgers University, East Stroudsburg University Contact Info: Email: kelli@kellicalabrese.com Website: www.kellicalabrese.com... View More
May 2 2011
Stephen Cabral didn't start out with one of the most profitable training studios in the country. Like most highly successful professionals, he worked his way up from the bottom, fueling himself with passion... View More
Jan. 31 2011
This year promises to be prosperous for many in fitness. With a renewed enthusiasm in consumer spending and a population that is still at critical mass (no pun intended!) for weight loss and fitness guidance,... View More
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Dec. 7 2010
Fitness Quest 10 &Todd Durkin Enterprises EDUCATION:BS in Kinesiology, College of William& Mary; MA inBiomechanics and SportsMedicine, San DiegoState University; NewLife Institute (nowRising Spirit... View More
Dec. 2 2010
As new fitness professionals, we work to improve the health and performanceour clients' bodies. Our primary focus is on forcing the body to adapt toincreasing workloads by building muscle and burning fat.... View More
Oct. 15 2010
Talk might be cheap, but public speaking is good for the bottom line. Premier voices in our industry are now recognized worldwide: JC Santana, Paul Chek, Bob Esquerre and so many others. Have you heard... View More
Oct. 10 2010
Nicki Anderson realized early in life how painful it is to be obese. And when she discovered the nutrition/ exercise cure, she planted the seeds for a future career as a highly regarded trainer, successful... View More
Sept. 1 2010
As a fitness industry pro, odds are you've run across, or probably bought, some program created by John Spencer Ellis. Ubiquitous in our industry, Ellis heads up a conglomeration of companies that gross... View More
Sept. 1 2010
I've always believed that a quality trainer could deliver countless, incredibly effective workouts without any equipment whatsoever. It isn't the surroundings or the tools that make a trainer great; instead,... View More
July 12 2010
Dustin Maher AMERICA’S TRAINER TO THE MOMS COMPANY: Dustin Maher Fitness, LLC CERTIFICATIONS: ACE certified, bachelor’s degree in kinesiology CONTACT INFO: email: dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com... View More