Multi-joint exercises are effective for building strength, improving cardiovascular conditioning and improving dynamic mobility and stability. This exercise employs added load using a sand log with a lunge and press movement.

Execution: Begin standing upright with both feet shoulder width apart. Grasp the VersaFit Sand Log by the two outermost handles. Next, lunge laterally onto the left leg allowing the sand log to travel just above the foot. Upon returning to the upright/start position, press the VersaFit Sand Log overhead. Lower it back down and repeat the same sequence lunging onto the right side.

Perform alternate lunges and presses for time or a desired number of repetitions. Be careful not to allow hyperextension in the lumbar spine (hips pushing forward) on the overhead lift. You may choose to do multiple sets based on the client needs or type of workout being performed.


1. Decrease the weight of the VersaFit Sand Log

2. Perform the movement with a horizontal chest press


1. Increase the weight of the VersaFit Sand Log

2. Increase the reps or work time

3. Advance to diagonal lunges (anteromedial and posteromedial directions)

Application: This exercise will improve hip shoulder, torso and hip strength, while also providing some cardiovascular conditioning given the repetitive multi-joint movements and pressing. The straps and variable weights of the VersaFit Sand Log make it suitable for individual and group settings with clients of varying strength and abilities. Use caution with clientele who have active shoulder, neck or back pathology. In addition, it may be necessary to cue clients to keep the head and chest up with each lunge in order to avoid flexion and rotation of the spine.