Improving shoulder and torso stability is important for overhead athletes, wrestlers, MMA competitors, gymnasts and clients who place a high demand on their shoulders. This exercise is a great way to build shoulder and torso strength and stability.

Execution: Position the client in a tall plank position with the hands and feet shoulder width apart. Place the VersaFit Sand Log in a vertical fashion just above the right hand. Now, grasping the handle closest to the right hand, press the log forward and pull it back to the start position.

Perform 5-10 repetitions using the right hand. Switch sides and repeat. Note: the excursion of the push should be determined by the comfort level of the client as well as ability to control the movement without losing balance.


1. Increase the weight

2. Decrease the distance between the feet


1. Decrease the weight

2. Perform the exercise in a quadruped position

This exercise is very effective for increasing shoulder/pillar strength and stability. The movement itself requires good anti-rotation and anti-extension strength and endurance. It also offers a challenging and effective way to perform core stability work in a closed chain fashion, which is very applicable to athletes who load through the shoulders. For those clients involved in tactical or ground-based gappling/fighting, it provides an effective way to train and improve shoulder stability to help reduce injury risk.