Continuous vertical rope pull with Revvll ONE

In a prior column, I demonstrated a continuous rope low row with the Revvll ONE mobile rope trainer by Aktiv. This exercise involves a vertical suspension point to provide a training stimulus similar to rope climbing, and it is effective in enhancing upper body strength, trunk stability and endurance.

Execution: Securely anchor the Revvll ONE overhead to a solid structure using the anchor sling and carabiner. Select the appropriate level of resistance based upon whether a fast, repetitive cadence or slower, heavy motion is preferred.

Begin in a half kneeling position with the left leg up and right knee down. Next, engage the core to ensure a neutral spine, and begin pulling the rope in a reciprocal fashion continuously for 20-30 seconds. Rest for the predetermined amount of time and repeat with the right leg forward and left knee down. Repeat for 2-3 sets on each side.

Note: While my preferred set-up is half kneeling, this exercise can also be performed in standing. In this case, assume an athletic stance (feet shoulder width apart, neutral spine and soft hips and knees) and perform the same reciprocal and continuous pulling motion. As fatigue sets in, use tactile or verbal cues to avoid unwanted trunk flexion.


1. Increase the time duration and/or reduce the rest interval

2. Increase the resistance

Application: The endless vertical rope pull strengthens the back, chest, and shoulders, while challenging hip and core stability especially in the half kneeling position. The Revvll ONE offers variable level of resistance so the user can focus on strength or endurance. This exercise is an excellent way to incorporate metabolic conditioning as part of a workout. It can be used in individual workouts or performed in a competitive format in group fitness settings.