Developing pillar stability is always a goal I have for my clients. This exercise is a challenging way to promote shoulder, core and hip stability in an anti-gravity position. The PowerWave 2.0 Crosstrainer is the ideal training tool to use for this exercise.

Execution: Place the hands through the top handles (palms down know as the handle through hold) holding the PowerWave at shoulder height above the ground with the arms extended. Now, perform an isometric squat to 45 degrees and rotate the PowerWave fully to the left. Pause and repeat this motion to the right. Continue alternating back and forth for a set number of repetitions or time.

Please note that the exercise should be discontinued once the shoulders begin to drop or the client compensates by extending the lumbar spine and hips. I recommend avoiding a fast cadence as it will encourage poor form. Perform 2-3 sets as a stand alone exercise or as part of a circuit.

Regression: consider performing the exercise standing straight up or event with a wide split since position to lower the demand on the core.


1. Increase time or repetitions

2. Perform a 1/4 wall sit to keep the back flat and prevent any compensations from the trunk

Application: This exercise offers a creative and challenging way to strengthen the entire pillar (shoulders, torso and hips). It is extremely demanding on the shoulders, and is best suited for intermediate and advanced clientele.

Precautions: For clients with existing shoulder pain or dysfunction, this exercise will place significant stress on the shoulders. I suggest using a very light weight (5 or 10 pound plate) initially to see if the position and movement create any issues prior to using the PowerWave 2.0.