As an accomplished entrepreneur, respected coach, recognized author and sought-after speaker, Pat Rigsby has undoubtedly impacted the fitness industry. His resume boasts CEO and co-owner of multiple multi-million-dollar fitness ventures recognized on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500; multiple honors as an Inc. 5000 honoree, listed as one of the fastest growing businesses in the nation; best-selling author six times and regular feature in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, USA Today, among the ongoing list. Though his accolades boast his ingenuity and brilliance, Rigsby may be one of the humblest professionals you meet; at a core, he focuses on sharing his message of opportunity. Here’s how he shares his message…

My ideal client is a fitness entrepreneur who wants to build their ideal business. I work specifically with trainers and coaches who are great at their craft and want to build a business that allows them to earn a great income, have a massive impact and enjoy the freedom they want.

My message is that having a great business and enjoying an outstanding quality of life are not mutually exclusive. You can do great work, operate an outstanding business and still have a life outside of the gym.

If I had only one way to share my message it would be through a personal conversation. While I enjoy writing my daily email, I think having an interactive conversation and understanding a person’s own goals, then building a map to get from where they are to where they want to be is my preferred method of connecting.

Successful messaging is when the person you are connecting with feels that you’re speaking directly to them and that they’re understood and valued.

People follow me because I’m interested in helping them build the business and the life that they want. I want them to enjoy owning their ideal business instead of settling for less than they want and deserve.