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July 1 2017

Your career through a red, plastic toy

Remember the red plastic ViewMaster we had as kids? You would insert a paper disc into the back slot, bring the hard plastic to your eyes, and pull down the yellow lever to see a 3D view of landmarks around the world, cities you dreamed of visiting and colorful landscapes. But if you were like me, once you went through all the pictures on a disc a few times, the excitement wore-off. The pictures were predictable and the element of surprise was lost. It was only when you got a new disc did the ViewMaster become exciting again.

I have a feeling many fitness professionals at some point begin to feel the same way about their career. We take on something exciting, maybe work at a new place, get a specialty certification for a niche population or training modality, or launch a new product or service. For a period, it’s new and motivating. But after doing the same thing for a while, we begin to feel a lack of challenge; it doesn’t give us the same excitement as it once did.

Perhaps one of the reasons why many in our profession are not maximizing their potential is not due to lack of passion, knowledge, or willingness to try new things. Rather, like the ViewMaster, we’ve limited our view to what is right in front of our eyes, not seeing what exists beyond the tiny picture. In our own careers, perhaps we’re just seeing the obvious options for us rather than seeking out the bigger and less obvious opportunities.

Our vision with this issue is to give you a “new picture disc,” to excite you again about possibilities and a new scope of opportunities that exist to maximize your career as a fitness professional. Here are a few highlights:

- Fabio Comana tells us of the opportunity to integrate more effective heart rate training methods for more meaningful results for your clients.

- There is a growing need to bridge the gap between physical and occupational therapists and fitness professionals; Aaron Shaw gives us a step-by-step guide to capitalize on the opportunity.

- You’ll find in our columns, web features and Journey to Success feature with industry veteran Stephen Holt, that opportunities for fitness professionals exist virtually everywhere, even in the least obvious places; we just need to be looking.

What if we looked through a ViewMaster and saw not just the picture in front of us, but imagined the possibilities beyond what we see? This would make even the picture discs we’ve seen a hundred times feel more exciting. Try looking at the vision of your career in the same way. Opportunity won’t always present itself before our eyes; we may need to broaden our vision and seek opportunities in the less obvious places.

I hope you enjoy this issue!


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