90 Days

As trainers and entrepreneurs it is pertinent that we evaluate ourselves at least every quarter. As the old saying goes, "what you focus on, gets done," applies heavily to our industry. Knowing where you've been, where you're going, what you've accomplished and what you will accomplish can help you work through each quarter and evaluate where you are.

I've learned from my mentor, Todd Durkin, as part of his mastermind group to ask three distinct questions each quarter to help comb through my successes of the quarter and what we want to achieve in the next. This gives me concentration points to keep myself accountable for my business and myself. Here are the three questions I ask every 90 days:

What I accomplished?

Don't take your small successes lightly. Working out consistently or getting a regular massage is imperative to our ability to service our clients. Our business successes such as increased revenue or a successful 21 challenge also would fit in this category. As you do this you will see what you wanted to accomplish the quarter before should be reflected here.

What are my current challenges/opportunities?

We all have challenges that we sometimes do not view as opportunities to get better. List out your challenges whether it be loss or clients, health issues, competitor moved next to you or someone on your staff is having personal problems. Each of these challenges can be viewed as just challenges or they could be viewed as opportunities to get better. The choice will be yours.

What will I accomplish in the next 90 days?

These are 3-5 things that you will accomplish in the next 90 days. These could be personal items or professional, just depends on what you feel you need most. It could be as simple as adding five new clients in 90 days or pay off your credit card debt, either way it is success and what is written down and focused on, gets done.

This exercise will help keep you accountable to yourself. Answer these questions truthfully, have them available to you to look at and go accomplish them.