Ever feel like everyday you wake up, there's a new wearable device coming out to track calories and steps for your clients? Or there's a new app to train for a marathon and another to roll the dice for 6-pack abs?

Think you always have to have a 'presence' on social media to stay relevant in your clients eyes?

Stressed about number of new Likes on your most recent post or retweets of that motivational quote you scheduled to go out at 6:30 am?

The experts are telling us that technology is the wave of the future for trainers. They say it's changing the landscape of our industry as we know it. But is it really?

If we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, more has not changed than actually changed.

Our clients invest in our services because they're stressed, stuck behind fears, driven by cravings, yet have optimistic hopes and dreams they can discover a fit and healthy lifestyle. They want to know someone cares about them to hold them accountable. They want to be inspired to do great work.

They want to know their time mattered and impacted others.

Regardless of the technology being developed, clients are still human beings. Peter Diamandis stated, "Humans haven't had a software update in 200,000 years." As we begin to embrace change in our industry, too many of us are looking for technology to become the catalyst to drive growth in our businesses.
We forget that real and sustainable growth comes from connecting with our clients on the human level. It comes from:

- a warm and sincere greeting when a client arrives for their first session and their 234th
- being self-aware as to how you show up
- building trust by being open, vulnerable and accepting
- having the uncomfortable conversations when they fall off course from their goals
- understanding clients uniqueness, even within a group
- becoming a 1st class-noticer who is keenly aware of the training environment at all times
- knowing not all clients love high energy, rah-rah type sessions
- purposefully building a community within your facility by introducing clients to clients

Technology will continue to evolve on a daily basis, but it still takes an individual to make the technology happen. Don't hold your breathe waiting for the magical piece of technology to revolutionize your training. Simply never forget that the human aspect of our industry will never change.

Please keep the Personal - no matter how much technology you adapt, how many clients you serve, how long your career lasts - in Personal Training.