It is said that 80 percent of communication is non-verbal. It is also common knowledge that there is a psychological effect to touching. In fact, there are several scientific research articles stating that when a person is touched by a person they trust,it elevates oxytocin levels and decreases the stress related hormones. Touching has also been shown to develop relationships between two people. However, in the Western Hemisphere touching can often times be looked at as inappropriate and taboo. While that may be correct, one form of touching is always acceptable and has the power to show appreciation, respect, care and develop the trainer/client relationship we are all after; the high five.

Right, wrong or indifferent I touch my clients. I give them high fives to show they have done a good job; I give them a hug when I feel they need it and I tap them gently on the muscle being worked. The power of the high five allows me to do the following:

1. Develop a great relationship - when I give a high five to a client I show them respect and gratitude for the work they are doing. Sometimes that message is difficult to convey through words. For my super competitive clients this takes them back to athlete days and puts them in an environment they are use too. For everyone it shows appreciation for their work, something sometimes their out-of-the-gym life doesn't supply.

2. Conveys to potential clients my relationship with my clients - In a gym setting, during a 60 minute session on average 14 people will watch at least20% of the session. This is marketing at its highest! I want to produce the vibe that I care about my clients, especially for potential clients watching me.

3. Fun - the word fun is often not associated with exercise. People view working out as a chore or that it hurts. Add a few high fives and a smile and now it becomes a little more tolerable. Honestly, after a few sessions, people realize how fun this really can be!

In conclusion, in this country we tend to shy away from touching. However, there are certain times where a high five could make a difference in your relationship with your client or loved one.