Your training career is a journey. And with every journey, there's a destination.

As we look at our lives, it's easy to see that everyone ends up somewhere in the end. Very few - defined last month as 'anything but average' - end up somewhere on purpose. These individuals simply had the courage to take action on the vision,the mental picture, of what they wanted their life to be like down the road.


Vision is not born by chasing castles in the sky. It's given life when the picture in your head of what is collides with what could be.

When you've had it up to here... When you've grown tired of the status quo... When you've become displeased with the path you're traveling... When you're burning inside with a sense of conviction that something should be done, that's when you knowyou have the starting point of a grand vision.

As you internally wrestle with this dissatisfaction, traveling a path of average if you will, your vision begins to mature into a clear picture of what must be done. Because without action, your vision remains a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. But vision with action can change the lives of the community you serve.


When it comes to developing a vision, dreamers spend too many hours in the starting blocks only to lose sight through in-action. Dreamers dream about things andsay "One day I'll..." but that day sadly never comes.

Visionaries dream the same dream, yet say "Watch me..." followed by focused and purposeful action.

To engage the hearts and minds of those you lead (as well as yourself) with your vision, spend time thoughtfully answering these questions:

1. What is the problem?
2. What is the solution?
3. Why must something be done?
4. Why now?


Most wait till New Year's Day to spend time working on their vision for the upcoming year. And most will achieve an average 2016. But you're not average.

You're anything but an average trainer, coach, man, woman, dad, mom, husband, wife and leader. Allow your 2016 vision to intrinsically drive you. Allow it to move you in a specific direction because you want to, not because someone told you to.

There will be sacrifices and risks demanded along the way to see your vision through.You'll be called to step out of your comfort zone. You'll face decisions between good and great. You'll be challenged almost every step of the way. You'll step with no guarantee of success.

Let me remind you though: The communities you serve. The teams you lead. The life you dream of living. They are all cheering for you to take the bold and courageous first step forward.They want to follow a visionary leader.

Start today. Spend the last weeks of 2015 preparing while everyone else relaxes. Know that every minute you invest in developing your vision will reward you in ways you could never dream of today.