Particularly if you are focused both on working on your business as well as training in your business, burnout at some point is practically inevitable. By nature of what we do as fitness professionals, aside from the physical demands of our career, the emotional energy required can be just as exhausting. The attrition of hopeful individuals who enter in to the fitness industry, I believe, is partly a result of burnout.

Here are three suggestions to avoid the all-too-common fitness professional burnout.

1. Schedule recharge time. Every 60-90 days, I put on my calendar a weekend event, trip, something to look forward to, or just a solid amount of time committed away from work. This keeps me focused and on task for a specific amount of time; knowing there is a break or something to look forward to. I need a recharge and a reset in order to come back to work refreshed and recharged.

2. Enforce your "off time." With texting, instant messaging and email, it's easy to be always on and always accessible. Set daily parameters on your time when clients or colleagues know you're not going to respond (i.e. after 6pm, etc.). Communicating clear boundaries on your time keeps you from feeling captive to always giving an immediate response.

3. Learn something new. New information, new knowledge or a new skill is a great way to keep your practice fresh and exciting. Plan your continuing education for the year, ideally incorporating a live class, conference or event where you can interact with other professionals. The energy from like-minded individuals and new knowledge will keep you from burning out doing the same day-in and day-out.

Putting in to practice just a few simple, but impactful habits will decrease your chances of burning out, help you serve your clients more effectively, has the potential to directly impact your business bottomline and give you a better sense of purpose and passion.