There is no more effective modality for increasing your visibility and credibility with clients and potential clients than email marketing. If you aren't taking advantage of email marketing, get started!

Here are two golden rules of email marketing:

1. Be consistent: Pick a schedule to send emails and stick to it; you're less likely to get people who unsubscribe if they are familiar with you and hear from you on a regular basis. See a sample email schedule below.

2. Be authentic: People connect with people... share real stories, real experiences with which they can connect. People will give their business to those they know, like and trust.

Here is a simple email marketing outline for one month, sending out once per week:

Week 1: Send a quick recipe or tip that helps with healthy cooking or easy preparation. You might mention some of the habits you or your clients do to keep nutrition on point.

Week 2: Send a workout or exercise tip. Maybe it's a simple at-home workout, stretch series they can do during the workday or a travel workout.

Week 3: Share a motivation-focused email. This could be an inspiring success story of one of your clients, share his/her story and how they achieved their success. Anything that serves to motivate or inspire your followers and tie it in with any advice or support you can offer. This really highlights that you are genuine about their success.

Week 4: Promote an upcoming program, special, or one of your services. After three emails of giving them great expert advice and motivation, you've earned your opportunity to "ask" for the sale and present your services that you know would benefit them. Get creative in the way you promote your programs and always position your emails focused on "what's in it for them;" honing-in on the benefits to them if they take part in your programs.

Consistently stay in front of your followers. They may not buy immediately, but over time, you'll find that those who stick around the longest and follow your emails regularly, eventually find their time to commit and they will typically be some of your best clients. They already know, like and trust you.