The fitness industry standard is to automatically discount our services the more sessions a client invests in. Typically, a package of...

-10 for $50 per session
- 20 for $45 per session
- 30 for $40 per session

Ask yourself this:

1. Do you offer less value per session the more a client trains with you?
2. Or do you offer the same, if not better, value for them investing longer in your leadership and accountability? Most of us would choose the latter. Yet most of us still continue to discount our value the more sessions a client invests in.

Sometimes it helps to look at this from an outsiders perspective:

If you go to McDonalds three times a week for a month (12 trips) to purchase a Happy Meal, do they give you a discount? Nope. So does McDonalds value their Happy Meal more than you value your time?
I hear the cries: "But everybody discounts their services. It's always been that way."

I say: Why follow the crowd and put less money in your pocket? Challenge the status quo when it comes to valuing your time. A true fitness professional invests the WOW factor into each session and should be compensated comparably.

How? By determining your hourly rate.

If you want to make $100,000 a year working 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year (2 weeks of vacation) you'd have to generate $50/hr every working hour. For you overachievers looking to become the top earners in the industry, here are some bench marks:

Income Goal / 2,000 Hours

$100,000 = $50/hr
$250,000 = $125/hr
$500,000 = $250/hr
$1,000,000 = $500/hr

Knowing you have to produce $50 an hour even when you're replying to clients emails, designing programs, marketing your services and various other admin duties may cause you to reconsider discounting the time you actually spend in the trenches training clients.

- It may cause you to plan out your days differently.
- It may cause you to invest every minute differently.
- It may cause you to ask yourself this profound question as you waste time doing no productive work:

Would I pay someone $50 to do what I'm doing now? So where do you start? How do you make the change in your business to a flat rate per session after years of operating differently?
It starts with one small step to ask yourself this:

Why do YOU value your time?
Very open ended, but it’s deep. It's hard to wrestle with why others should value your time. Once you've taken the time to answer honestly - not just because you’re certified, experienced, motivational, bubbly, hard-nosed, inspirational, or super fit - you'll begin to feel the conviction in your heart to make a change to your current sacred cow of discounting your time.