The most successful fitness professionals would undoubtedly agree the critical importance of investing time, money and energy in every facet of their business and career. Getting out from behind the computer or off of the training floor should simply be a priority for a career-focused fitness professional. Whether attending conferences and workshops, listening to webinars or reading and studying, it is easy to become overwhelmed by information and how to most effectively apply it.

Here are three strategies to getting the most out of your education so it can have a direct impact on your career and business:

1. Know your learning style
Do you tend to be more of a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? If you are a kinesthetic learner, for example, look to make the majority of your education in-person and hands-on; auditory learners may find teleseminars and webinars a good learning platform. Understanding how you learn best and your learning patterns you’ve found successful will give you a better framework to make decisions on how to invest in education. 

2. Separate what information applies to you now, and what you can table for the future
Any mode of learning can easily lead to "paralysis by analysis." The amount of information can even feel overwhelming and a feeling of, "I just don't know where to start." Try using separate notebooks or separate Word documents (or however you successfully take notes) where you can separate your notes into two lists: 1) what applies to you now and 2) what may apply to you in the future. Then take the "applies now" list and break it out in to 2-3 actionable items on which to focus over a given period of time; the "future" list becomes a resource to go to when ready to move forward with new actions or ideas. 

3. Don't underestimate the power of networking
Reading, (some) webinars and other less interactive platforms of learning have immense value for knowledge and education. But the power of being around like-minded individuals can be a catalyst for greater success. Discussion of the information learned or exchanging experience with peers or with industry leaders adds a completely different element of learning as well as great opportunities for collaboration. 

We know we should never stop learning; but more important, we need to learn how to maximize the value of the time, money and energy we put into our learning that will give us the more meaningful outcomes.