Every fitness business, whether a one-on-one personal training model, group fitness or a traditional monthly gym needs to have a solid client funnel system that is a proven system to convert a client from prospect to loyal member.

Creating a client funnel that works for your business may take some time to develop, so be diligent in taking notes of what services and promotions work and what doesn’t. You’ll need to know as much about your ideal prospect, how to attract them (i.e. how to get them into your funnel) and what options, price points and services will keep them long-term. Once you create your client funnel, designing your marketing campaigns and membership programs will be more streamlined and consistent.

Your client funnel should be broken down into at least four levels:

1. Level one – qualified leads: This level of your funnel includes potential leads including those who inquire about your services, sign-up for your email newsletter, request information, etc.

2. Level two – qualified lead conversion: Converting your lead to a paying client often works well when you have a low-barrier offer for them to experience your program without a long-term commitment. This could include a complimentary assessment, consultation, free trial class, one week of unlimited sessions for a promotional rate, free week, etc. Find what works best for you without devaluing your services. The goal is to give them the best “taste” of the services you offer.

3. Level three – membership/program conversion: Once your qualified lead has experienced your program, this is where you get them to commit to a special program or membership option. Honing your sales skills is critical for this part of the funnel as you take on the role of “assistant buyer” and outline the options that are best suited for their goals.

4. Level four – long-term, higher-value conversion: Continue to offer higher-value services to your members during the life of their membership. Special programs, nutrition programs, coaching, retreats, prepay options, one-on-one training (for group fitness centers and gyms), retail, etc. Offering additional services can significantly add to the lifetime value of a client and will correlate with stronger retention rates.

The key to creating a successful client funnel is to always “tweak and test,” find what works for your business and update your client funnel as your business evolves.