Just about every new trainer I meet shows me their website. Most times it’s focused around them and doesn’t meet the criteria to attract people that don’t know them already. Unfortunately I did the same thing when I was a new trainer.

It’s logical to think that people will want to know about you as a trainer, who you are, what your background or experience is and the services you offer. It’s logical that they will look for success stories from others to validate the value you’ve indicated you have. But unfortunately if this is the core of your website, unless they know you already, they will never find you in the first place.

You and I likely use the Internet several times a day, maybe more. It’s amazing that “Google” has become a verb in our language. If we want to know something we google it; we don’t look in a book anymore, we likely don’t even phone an expert until we’ve visited several websites. The best part, just about any hair-brained thing you want to know is instantly at your fingertips.

Now unfortunately as an entrepreneur and fitness professional this means there’s no simple solution. You can’t just create your website and forget about it. It has to be structured properly and it has to be a living, breathing, entity that continues to evolve.

Here’s how people actually find and use your website.

Every day we’re inundated with media, our phones, Facebook, radio, TV, you name it.

Each day we’re also randomly thinking about ourselves, for the topic of our conversation we’ll focus on those thoughts of how we feel about ourselves, what we look like.

In all the media we’re exposed to we naturally gravitate to the things that resonate with those thoughts we’re having. If we want to lose weight we note things regarding weight loss, if we want to look younger, well you get the point.

If something catches our attention it because it appeals to the emotions tied to the thoughts we’ve been having, whatever caught our attention undoubtedly leads to curious questions, next thing you know we’re Googling.

So you see you don’t go looking for weight loss practitioners initially, you go looking for answers to those curious questions. My advice make sure your website is constantly evolve to include more answers.

This is why I spend every Tuesday filming videos, writing articles and so on, these add to the growing archive of answers on my website, as I know these are the first places that people visit.

Once people happen across your answer, if they find it helpful in some way then they want to know who it is that they now find themselves listening to. Now they head to your “about” section.

My advice to you is tell your story, and tell it very compellingly. Don’t cite all your education right off the hop; instead tell your story of why you decided fitness was where you were going to build your career. Share the emotional challenges of your pursuit of fitness as what people are looking for is the connection that makes them “feel” you understand them.

Next if they feel they might resonate with you then they’re going to look to see what other say about you, so yes make that testimonials section obvious, and try to include as many testimonials as you can with the boldest emotional statement from each one as the headline.

Finally if you pass the acid test for all of those sections now they’ll visit your services and find out exactly what it is you do and offer.

Have a look at your website to see if it models well with this criteria and flow. If not make a few changes and see what happens over the next ninety days, I suspect you won’t be disappointed.

After struggling for eight years as a personal trainer, Cabel McElderry challenged the typical gym setup and created quite a reputation for himself. His 7 figure studio, now five years old, has won multiple awards for business excellence. Cabel has been recognized as one of the top 100 fitness entrepreneurs in North America and is currently one of 50 nominees for Optimum Nutrition's Canadian Trainer of the Year. He now mentors fitness professionals worldwide in an effort to help them achieve similar or better results than his own. Cabel's advice and writing can be found amongst some of the biggest blogs online and he is constantly called upon to offer his advice and strategies at some the largest fitness events worldwide.www.ProfitablePersonalTrainer.com