Have you ever been into a Chick-Fil-A or a Starbucks? Have you ever wondered what made these businesses so successful? Was it their products or was it the experience that keeps people coming back? In the end, it’s the experience that makes people coming back; time after time. Want to keep your clients longer? Don’t just supply them with a game plan on how to achieve results, supply them with an experience that keeps them excited about coming back. Here is how:

1. Greeting - Addressing your client as they stroll into the gym with enthusiasm and a smile goes a long way. Repeating their name when saying hello to them as they come into your facility will make them feel at ease and feel as if you care about them. This goes a long way in creating a world class experience.

2. Warm-up - Instead of sticking them on a treadmill to get the blood pumping, lay them down and foam roll and stretch them. Do this at the beginning and the end. It will make them feel like they are getting a massage and are a great starter and ender for your workout. This heightens their experience and makes them feel great.

3. Ask questions - Ask the client how their day is or what does the rest of their day look like. Also, asking questions about important events you are training for or landmark events in their life shows you care and remember what is most important to them.

4. Supply extras - Always have water and towels available. These add to the experience and encourage water intake as well as this one thing the client doesn’t have to remember to bring with them.

5. Program based on how they feel - It is great to have an idea of what you want to do with each client during their workouts. However, how the client feels that day will dictate what you do with them more than anything. Ask about their stress levels and how much sleep they had the night before. Also ask about what they have eaten that day and when. This gives you a great start to your programming.

6. 6. Have fun - No matter a person's personality, if they are having fun they are more likely to keep coming back. Do workouts the client enjoys and supplies the results they are looking for. High five the clients that need it and do everything with enthusiasm and passion.

Are there better coffee shops than Starbucks? Probably, but the experience Starbucks supplies keep people coming back every day. If we supply these principles to our personal training clients, we can build a network of world class experiences.

Josh 'JB' Bowen, BS, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D is the former Quality Control Director of Personal Training for Urban Active Fitness and is currently a personal trainer for Fitness Plus II in Lexington, KY and a consultant and National Fitness Director for Compel Fitness.