C ontrary to popular belief,the best fitness marketing systemsare not just about running Facebook ads or doing "Deal oftheDay" promotions.

Don't get me wrong -- on my blog alone I give away and teachseveral tactics and strategies for getting clients on Facebookand "Deal of theDay" sites; however, if your goal is to build a fitnessbusiness that is bulletproof,then you must use a diversified approach when marketing yourbusiness.

One of the best things I recommend you do is create a fitnessmarketingchecklist that you can always turn to when you want to get asurge of new leads.The most successful fitness professionals I know run theirbusinesses off ofchecklists. The checklist below is all about lead generation andprospecting.Here are the two things you need to know about creating theideal fitnessmarketing checklist for yourself:

1. Take some time to think about what is "factory-installed"for you as it relatesto marketing. Typically, you're going to be better at the skillsthat comenaturally to you or that you enjoy doing versus what you forceyourself do.

2. Diversify your fitness marketing checklist with both onlineand offlinemarketing tactics so you never have a weak link in yourbusiness.And now, some online and offline marketing systems for you toconsider:

Online Marketing
Facebook ads
Google and Bing pay per click ads
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Online banner ads
Email marketing
YouTube optimization
Email marketing to other business' lists
Lead boxes
Direct mail postcards and letters
Print publication ads
Car wraps
Door hangers
$100 plastic gift cards
Human billboards
Endorsed mailings
TV and radio spots
Referral generation contests

Offline Marketing
The list above is just a partial one, but a great place to beginyour marketingchecklist. You can decide which ones from each section are most "factoryinstalled"for you. Then take the top three from each section, giving yousixmarketing systems you can run each month, and systematically runfour ofthe six marketing systems each month.

For most business owners, marketing and lead generation is oftenanafterthought or done in haste. However, if you create a monthlyfitness marketingchecklist and systematically employ these systems each month,you'llnever find yourself having to run your marketing by the seat ofyour pants.

Bedros Keuilian teaches thousands of fitness trainerssystems and strategies to grow their businessandget more clients. Get more fitness marketingsystemsfrom Bedros by visiting his blog,www.PTPower.com.