From time to time, big shifts take place in our industry that make the business of personal training more mainstream, more profitable, more systemized, and in this case, easier to market.

In recent years technology has played a major roll in making it easier to own and operate a successful fitness business. Front desk check-in software that was once only developed for big box gyms is now made specifically to fit the needs of a personal training studio or boot camp. Technology has also been used to create online training programs, nutrition plans and even assessment tools to better serve your clients and deliver a higher level of service.

The fitness business owner has indeed evolved -- and technology has played a major role in the success of today's entrepreneurial-minded fitness professional. One form of technology that has gained major popularity with fitness business owners is fitness marketing technology such as email marketing, e-newsletters, email auto-responders and online content delivery.

Fitness marketing platforms like have reduced the cost of advertising, prospecting and referral generation. Today, fitness professionals can easily deliver content-rich newsletters and email broadcasts to their clients, prospects and business contacts with a click of a button. Keeping yourself and your message in front of your community has become much less expensive and easier than ever before.

But it doesn't stop there, because once you build an email list of leads, prospects, former clients and business contacts, email marketing technology can make sending promotional or re-activation emails easy. For example, comes with over half a dozen pre-crafted promotional email broadcasts designed to move prospects from your list and into your training facility. It is technology such as this that reduces the cost of marketing, automates the entire process and gives you more time to work with your clients.

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