Developing core and overhead strength/power is important for many athletes such as swimmers, tennis players, throwers, etc. There are many ways to develop this using multi-joint movements; however, sandbells offer a unique way to challenge grip strength, balance and body control during an overhead slam motion.

Stand shoulder width apart. Grasp the sandbell with the hands at approximately 3 and 9 ™ clock and hold it between the legs in an athletic squat position. Next, raise the sandbell overhead and then forcefully extend the shoulders while slamming the sandbell into the ground. Pick the sandbell back up quickly and repeat this sequence for 10 repetitions or 30 seconds. Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat 2-3 times.
Variation: this exercise can be done with alternate diagonal slams to the left and right once the overhead slam has been mastered to develop more rotational strength and power.

Progression: Increase the repetitions or work time and/or reduce rest time between sets

1. Reduce the weight of the sandbell
2. Reduce the repetitions/time and/or increase rest time between sets
3. Perform a slower sandbell chop without slamming it to the floor

This exercise aims to strengthen the entire kinetic chain, while developing explosive core strength and power for overhead/throwing athletes. Additionally, it develops grip strength and facilitates energy system development and metabolic conditioning. This exercise can be a stand alone exercise or used as part of a circuit training approach.