Sept. 29 2020

Many fitness professionals and business owners are attempting online training. Some are succeeding, but many are struggling.


Many fitness professionals and business owners are attempting online training. Some are succeeding, but many are struggling. The problem is, online training is such a new category the market doesn’t know what it is nor why they should buy. Before you can even ask someone to sign up, there’s a lot of education required in explaining: 1) what it is and 2) how it works to 3) establish the value proposition.

The market (your prospects) are PROBLEM aware. They know they are gaining weight and losing strength. And they are SOLUTION aware (they know they need to eat better and move more). But they are not PRODUCT or SERVICE aware. (What are they actually buying and why should they pay for it?)

Here are three steps to getting the right people in front of you and getting them ready (and excited!) to buy:

Step 1: Educate them
You need to educate and explain what online training is, how it works, what makes it different (and draw strong lines of comparison) between working with a coach vs. watching online videos) and explain how it will lead them to success.

I recommend starting with long-form blog articles as the foundation for educating your prospect. And wherever you can, include photos and video clips of interviews with happy clients sharing their success stories for social proof.

Step 2: Make them a right risk-free offer
Once they understand what online training is (and believe it can help them), make it easy for them to take the next step and experience it. Invite them to take advantage of a risk-free offer for a free session or trial. Then deliver WOW during the free trial or session.

To do this, you’ll need to set up a simple landing page with your offer. But please, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s any easier to market FREE than it is a paid offer. You STILL have to explain it, overcome objections and help them overcome resistance to taking action.

A great strategy is to set up an FAQ on the same page as your offer. List the most common objections you’ve been getting and include answers and content to overcome these objections right on the page.

Step 3: Use simple lead-gen strategies
Next, go to market. Don’t overcomplicate things. It’s like fishing:
  • Know the fish you want to catch. That’s your client.
  • Know the bait you’re going to use. That’s your offer.
  • Have the right fishing rod and tackle you need to reel them in. That’s your strategy.
  • And go fishing in the right pond where the fish are hanging out. That’s your lead source.
Please don’t spend money on advertising until you’ve taken action on the easy wins you can focus on first for connecting with prospective clients.

Run engagement campaigns to your most recently engaged clients. Use reactivation campaigns for inactive clients that may have moved out of town you couldn’t previously serve. Create a Referral/Bring-a-Friend campaign to use with current clients who are LOVING your new online programs. And update your home page. Let people know you’re open for business and you’re now offering online training services. Just the fact that you’re open, and everyone else is closed… means you’ll get more new business organically by letting your website visitors know.