Hip tightness and limited mobility can impact the overall health of the lower kinetic chain and lower back. This exercise provides a simple way to work on hip mobility and stability at the same time using a sliding disc.

Begin standing with the right foot on the sliding disc positioned as if it is pointing at 11 o’clock, while the left foot is pointed straight ahead. Next, slide the right foot out and away from the left leg tracing the clock face in a sweeping motion from the 11 o’clock position toward roughly 8 o’clock. The arms can be positioned outstretched at shoulder height to provide balance assistance, and be careful not to slide the right leg too far away where a loss of balance may occur.

Pause at end range and then slowly return to the start position. Do not force the motion beyond what the individual can comfortably control and execute with good form. Perform 1-2 sets of 5-10 reps and repeat on the left side. Keep in mind range of motion may vary among individuals based upon their inherent mobility/flexibility and proximal hip stability in the stationary leg.

This exercise is effective for increasing closed chain mobility in the hip as well as adductor and hip flexor flexibility on the sliding leg. The motion also requires frontal plane hip stability on the stationary leg. The drill can be used a functional warm-up drill to reduce injury risk and improve overall hip mobility.

One additional note: if a client feels any pinching pain, especially moving across the front hip at the start and finish position, reduce the range of motion to avoid any unnecessary impingement.