When you learn what Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva, our September 2018 PFP Trainer of the Month winner, has achieved as trainer, coach, entrepreneur, author, and speaker (among other deserving titles), you can see why she is certainly worthy of recognition and praise. Her success is attributed to her ability to bridge her personal experience and health and fitness journey with her love for learning and commitment to helping others achieve the life of their dreams. Shay’s success is a testament to her diverse experience and unwavering service to her clients, community and to the industry.

Shay is raising the bar in the industry as a model of excellence and integrity. Here is a look at how she’s doing it…

Business Name: ShayTheCoach

Year started business: 2012









MA, Psychology (Marist College)

MS, Kinesiology (Pending, A.T. Still University)

Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do Shobukan Arizona Black Belt & Instructor

Awards & Recognition:

NFPT Course author & blogger

NFHOF Spokesperson

Adjunct Professor, Maricopa Community College District

Voyage Phoenix Magazine: Phoenix’s Most Inspiring Stories, 2018

Green Living Magazine’s June 2018 Green Champion

Keynote Speaker at 2018 International Conference on Childhood Obesity (Barcelona, Spain)

What inspired you to start your business?

I used to be a full-time Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and, on my days off, I did tons of fitness activities and trained karate. Once I earned the rank of black belt and my certifications, I started working with clients. Pretty soon, it became obvious how much I loved it! Part of my love and passion came because I didn’t always look the way I do right now or enjoy my current level of health. I used to be a size 14 and was very unhealthy. Through all the karate practice, training, and changing my eating ways, I got some amazing results. I now get to use my professional training coupled with my personal experience to help others!

What is one hard lesson you’ve learned in business you believe has been most valuable?

In business, I am only as successful as my team. I have learned to ‘let go’ (in a sense) and delegate. When I delegate, I ask and listen to the people who are working with me, so we can have optimal results. There is so much to do in business, so many hats to wear, that if I just “do, do, do, do,” it can quickly turn into “doo doo!” Literally, I have gone to so many seminars, conferences, and done independent studying in not only my fields of expertise, but also in other areas of how to run a business.

If I asked one of your clients why they choose you over other trainers, what would they likely say?

My clients refer to me as, eclectic, innovative, industrious, and caring. While I don't provide counseling at ShayTheCoach, I'm able to leverage my years of psychology background when I work with them on their personal health fitness and wellness goals. The saying around ShayTheCoach is that I have a “soft touch while garnering powerful results.”

Name one or two ways you are trying to raise the bar in the industry.

I am always furthering my education! My team, clients, and friends joke that I will be in school forever and am just one of those lifelong learners. My passion for learning feeds into my ability and skills to teach, always trying to build a bridge between education and application. When I resigned as a counselor, I knew I wanted to work with clients. I never thought that I would become a teaching professional, speaker and author, too. Being able to reach thousands of people through different educational platforms and modalities makes health, fitness and wellness incredibly accessible to them. This is very exciting!

Another way I’m raising the bar in the industry is through intimate involvement with my community. I volunteer and mentor on a regular basis. I currently sit on Glendale Community College’s Exercise Science & Nutrition Department’s Advisory Council. ShayTheCoach also serves as an internship site for students enrolled in the program. I am a member of A.T. Still University’s Community Medical Services Team as a Ring Side First Aid Provider at Arizona ASO/USA National Karate Federation (USANKF) sanctioned tournaments. It allows me to give back to the karate community that has taught me invaluable life skills and developed my character. Being so involved in the community allows me to connect leaders in the industry with aspiring fitness professionals to develop their skills and business acumen.