In my prior column, I introduced the Kettle Gryp. The Kettle Gryp offers a lightweight, affordable solution for converting traditional dumbbells into a kettlebell. It is perfect for people on the go or working out at home looking to maximize their resources and training.

One of my preferred kettlebell squatting maneuvers is the sumo squat. It is effective for people of all ages and abilities as it allows for a wider base of support and offers a more predicable load and stable movement. The Kettle Gryp allows users to perform this movement with dumbbells ranging from 5-55# while enjoying the grip/handle offered by a kettlebell.

Execution: Attach the Kettle Gryp to the desired dumbbell. Be sure the apparatus locks in place prior to starting. Hold the Kettle Gryp with both hands while assuming a wide stance with the feet positioned in 30-45 degrees of external rotation. The arms should be extended with the forearms resting lightly against the body.

Now, slowly squat down touching the dumbbell to the floor. Pause and return to the upright position. Be sure to keep a neutral spine position throughout and avoid looking down at the floor. Starting cadence should be 2/1/1. Perform 10-15 repetitions or for time. Repeat for desired number of sets.


1) Increase the cadence

2) Increase the weight

3) Increase total work (reps/time)


1) Decrease the weight

2) Decrease reps/time

3) Decrease the range of motion

Application: The sumo squat allows for effective lower body strengthening in a safe, predictable loading pattern. It is less technically demanding than free form dumbbell or barbell squatting, making it easier to maintain proper spinal alignment for many who may lack sufficient ankle dorsiflexion or have other compensatory motions related to asymmetry or improper muscle firing.

I also find clients can safely and effectively manage their load and squat depth without losing balance. For those suffering from any patellofemoral pain or chondromalacia, this exercise can be a great way to strengthen in a controlled range of motion in group exercise classes or in individual workouts. The Kettle Gryp allows the client to enjoy a comfortable kettlebell grip and change weights quickly and easily on the go.