The kettlebell swing is a staple for exercise enthusiasts who employ kettle bell training. The exercise is effective for strengthening the posterior chain, increasing power and improving cardiovascular conditioning. Using the Kettle Gryp provides clients with a lightweight (weighs less than 1 pound), portable and economical kettlebell system to change weights quickly whether at home, at the gym or on the road.

Execution: Attach the Kettle Gryp to the desired dumbbell. Be sure the apparatus locks in place prior to starting. Hold the Kettle Gryp with both hands while assuming a wide stance greater than shoulder width. A shoulder width stance works for a traditional kettlebell, but the added length of the dumbbell necessitates a slightly wider stance. The arms should be extended with the lats actively engaged in the set-up position.

With both hands on the Kettle Gryp, perform a hip hinge (1/4 squat position) locking in a neutral spine position. Next, rapidly extend the ankles, knees and hips while driving the Kettle Gryp up and away from the body. Focus on letting the lower body drive the motion upward as opposed to using the shoulders to lift the Kettle Gryp.

Move in and out of the hip hinge and upright position. Repeat this cycle for reps or time. The exercise should be modified in terms of duration and/or load if compensatory motion or fatigue impacts proper alignment or execution of the exercise.


1) Increase the weight

2) Increase total work (reps/time)

3) Single arm swing


1) Decrease the weight

2) Decrease reps/time

Application: The kettle bell swing is effective for training cardiovascular fitness, posterior chain strength and lower body power. The exercise is low impact, yet delivers a big bang for your buck provided it is done properly. It is imperative to ensure that the client maintains proper spinal alignment and executes a good hip hinge thereby avoiding deep squatting in this maneuver.

If a novice client has any history of low back pathology, I suggest using lighter loads and progressing slowly until he/she masters the form. The Kettle Gryp makes it easy to change weights based on the load each client can safely handle. In addition, the Kettle Gryp makes it simple to pack up for travel and continue to do swings while at the hotel or gyms that may not have the proper kettlebell weight available.