Improving rotational strength and stability in the torso, shoulders and hips is paramount for athletes. The ability to resist and control rotational loads as well as produce force in desired planes of motion aids in performance and injury prevention. This exercise will demonstrate how to accomplish that using the MostFit Core Hammer.

Execution: Begin positioning the hands on the core hammer shoulder width apart with the left hand flush against the end of the hammer. Next lunge forward with the right leg and rotate the torso to the right through the full available range of motion while keeping the core hammer parallel to the ground. Next, pull the hammer back as you return to the start position. Repeat 10 repetitions and then switch the orientation of the hammer (opposite hands) and repeat lunging forward onto the left leg and repeating the same torso movement.

After mastering movement in the transverse plane, progress to downward chops (down) and then diagonal lifts (up). These movements require special focus and should be done with precise form as limited mobility in the thoracic spine, shoulders or hips may lead to increased force and compensatory movement in the lumbar spine.


1. Extend the hand at end of the hammer all the way down to the end of the handle

2. Slide the hand closest to the top of the hammer in toward the other hand thereby increasing the stability needed to control the end of the hammer

3. Slow down the cadence of the rotation and/or pause at the bottom of the lunge

4. Perform the movements more explosively to increase power production and metabolic conditioning

Regression: Perform the rotational movements while doing an isometric split squat to allow for focus on the torso rotation and decrease the balance and coordination demand on the lower body

Application: This exercise will facilitate pillar strength and stability, as well as improve dynamic hip stability in functional patterns. Learning to balance the unevenly weighted hammer will create new demands on the trunk as opposed to more traditional training methods. Small adjustments with the grip will allow for different levels of difficulty based on the client’s ability. The core hammer will also increase grip strength.

Of note, the exercise can be made more challenging in terms of resisting unwanted movement by slowing the movement down with more time under tension (slower cadence) as well as performing the exercise with a faster cadence in an attempt to produce more explosive power. In both cases, monitoring form and cuing out of compensations and loss of true stability is critical to avoid strain.

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