take care of yourself

In the fitness industry and as fitness pros we do a terrible job of taking care of ourselves. We become consumed with taking care of our clients and preaching good habits that we become to busy to take better of ourselves. We often need other fitness professionals to help us, help ourselves and at the end if we can't help us how will we help our clients?

Long hours is a part of the fitness industry. A lot of us get up early and go to bed late. Sometimes we skip workouts or eat food on the go, knowing it isn't healthy for us. We do so much for our clients that we forget about us. When we forget about us, we can't help our clients. Here are some valuable things you can do as a fitness pro to take better care of yourself and add value to your clients.


Ever heard the statement, "work plus rest equals success?" Well it's true that we work hard and long hours but we also need to schedule down time in our weeks to rest our bodies. Whether it be scheduling a massage, taking a mini vacation or sleeping in a few hours longer, any rest activities you can schedule will help you in your quest to be the best trainer you can be. Do not get in the mindset that you don't deserve it or that you can't fit it in. It is vitally important to your longevity as a trainer to take rest breaks.

Go to the doctor

I find that a lot of trainers neglect going to the doctor or dentist. As we age this can come back to bite us. We wouldn't want our clients to neglect the doctor so why would we do it to ourselves?


Find a place other than your gym or studio to workout. This way you will have to travel and once you get there, you'll have to workout. Also, you aren't responsible for anything that you would be at home. Relish this quiet time from trainers and clients and just workout out.

Take a vacation

I have never regretted going somewhere once I got there because I always come back more refreshed. Time off is necessary in this high energy business where we are on a constant go go go. Even for a few days, scheduling time off can clear your mind and get you back to action better than ever.