If there is a fitness professional who exemplifies the spirit to inspire, it certainly is Mike Z. Robinson, founder of MZR Fitness in San Luis Obispo, California. For over 10 years, Mike has raised the bar through his core philosophy centered around the “Strength of We;” bringing the power of community and accountability together with sound fitness programs and services to his clients and his team. Mike shares with us how he continues to have a real impact on those he serves and how he’s raising the bar in our industry…

Business Name: MZR Fitness
Website: www.mzrfitness.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikezrobinson
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mike-z-robinson-812227a7
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mikezrobinson
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mikezrobinson
Year started in business: 2009

What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to create my own fitness facility because I wanted to control my own destiny, impact as many lives as possible, leverage my time and bring my passion and expertise to create something special. At this point, there are gyms everywhere but it was really important to me to build something different by capitalizing on what I thought was missing in my community. I feel like I did that to the best of my abilities and here we are almost 7 years later!

What is one hard lesson you’ve learned in business you believe has been most valuable?

The one hardest lesson that I learned early on is that you should market your business EVERY single day and not only when you need new clients but even when you’re booked solid. This was definitely a lesson that I learned the hard way because I always thought to myself that when I need new clients, then that is when I’ll start marketing; but by doing so, I had lost potential income. I learned that lesson early on and for several years now we have marketed MZR Fitness every single day where the demand is steady 365 days a year!

If I asked one of your clients why they choose you over other places/gyms/trainers, what would they likely say?

They would likely say that they joined us because of the family-like atmosphere that we have created to have built in support, camaraderie, motivation and accountability. By having this reputation, we are known for not only delivering fitness results to our clients but also over-delivering and creating a unique training experience for them every single time they visit MZR Fitness. With the massive results that our clients achieve, it’s no wonder that the word got out that MZR Fitness is the place to be in San Luis Obispo if you want to maximize your health and fitness!

Name one or two ways you are trying to raise the bar in the industry?

I feel that I am helping to raise the bar by being a strong ambassador and advocate for doing what I do in the fitness industry for the right reasons. Personally, I feel like I bring an incredible amount of energy, passion, professionalism and integrity to our industry and have placed an emphasis on educating both fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts in the world. I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to the growth of the fitness industry through my own business and clientele, in magazines, at conferences/tradeshows, on blogs and through interviews whether locally, nationally or internationally!