We live in a world of abundance. Every year there is a new iPhone released that was bigger and better than the year before. Every year, as a business owner you feel the pressure to have a bigger and better year than you did previously. However, bigger is not always better. Doing too much can lead to not doing enough. Too big can lead to losing your personal touch and finally this could lead to burn out.

Having spent a majority of my time in the industry in the big boxes, I can see the attraction to building bigger and more gyms. I can see the affliction to having more trainers and more clients. I can also tell you that, in some cases, revenue increases dramatically and it can open the door to more opportunities. However, having seen it first hand, more is not necessarily better. In the industry of fitness you want to help more and more people, train more and more clients and touch everyone on the planet. But is more better? How much can one trainer or one gym do? Does focusing on the simple and focusing on quality over quantity lead to better results? Here is how you can simplify in 2016 and have better quality results and not stretch yourself too thin.


I use to run have 36 30,000 square feet and above gyms. I had over 500 trainers in seven states that I managed from afar. I traveled constantly and was always playing catch up. I played the revenue game and was focused on quality of service but also was required to produce numbers. I now have a 2,000 square foot, personal training only facility with two other trainers. I do not travel. I know every clients name. I work with the clients that I want too and I make more money. Why? I am focused on quality over quantity. Bigger can lead to increased overhead, rent dollars and more advertising to produce just as many clients in comparison. if you are struggling to make ends meet, maybe downsizing your business is the way to go.

Simplify the Menu

“If you chase two rabbits at once, you will catch none.” Lets compare two restaurants for an example. Chipotle and Cheesecake Factory. The both of them are very successful but they difference in the menu is dramatic. Cheesecake Factory’s menu is like a novel and Chipotle’s menu could fit on a simple fold out pamphlet. It is easier to make a choice at Chipotle than Cheesecake. My point here is, if you want to be the best in a certain discipline, stick to that. Complicating things by offering personal training, bootcamps, semi-private, nutritional counseling, meal preparation and everything in between will ensure you will be good in all areas but not great in one. Pick one or two and focus on them.

Marketing Efforts

You will be inundated with countless marketing and advertising pitches over the next few months. Print, social media, radio, tv you name it they will pitch it to you. First off, you don't have to do everything. Depending on the needs, you could get by with just using your Facebook page more effectively. Point being, focus your attention on one or two mediums and go from there. Quality over quantity.

Being the biggest in town does not mean you are best in town. If you goal is to be the best trainer, gym, studio simplify your business and focus on quality over quantity.