As we journey out of 2011 and embark on a new year, it is fitting that as fitness professionals, we savor the successes we've achieved over the last year and begin to set new goals and strategies for the coming year.

In this issue of PFP, we focus on the theme of marketing. Some may be jaded by the seemingly all-encompassing term; to others, it may be a concept that is daunting and overwhelming. Marketing, as it relates to our industry, covers a myriad of definitions -- advertising, sales strategy, social media, business collateral, networking, websites, personal brands, videos, logos and giveaways, testimonials... the list goes on and to each fitness professional and fitness business, "marketing" can have a very different meaning.

But what is marketing?

One of my mentors recently defined the term "marketing" as I had never heard it and I had a very simple, yet impactful mindset shift: Marketing is simply the way in which you communicate your passion.

You will see throughout this issue how our contributors will give you tools so that you can communicate passionately to grow your business, serve your clients, and help you feel more fulfilled as a fitness professional. This issue features marketing through new lenses; how more effective Facebook posts will grow your business and serve your clients; tactics for holding your clients accountable to their diet and meal plan programs; and how to incorporate business systems to save you time so you can focus on truly serving your clients and expanding your reach. Be sure to read and be inspired by our Journey to Success feature about two brothers who continue to communicate their passions to grow their business with their empowering philosophy of success.

So as we close out another successful year, I challenge you: "How will you communicate your passion in 2012?"

I look forward to hearing more about what you're doing in 2012 in our industry on Facebook (search: Personal Fitness Professional) and on Twitter: @PFP_FitPro

Cheers to communicating our passion,