The fitness industry is in need of a major makeover; a marketing makeover. The fitness industry, in the eyes of the greater public, continues to be branded by images of spandex, fake tans, perfectly articulated muscles and entirely too much skin. Too many trainers are still handing out business cards and brochures with cutout images of themselves showing off their rippling abdominals or promote websites that don’t focus on how they help clients, but rather showcase the perfect body the trainer has achieved.

Let's take an honest look at our marketing from the eyes of our potential clients. Does your collateral, your flyers, business cards, website and your in-person presentation appeal to or turn-off your ideal client? We are, in theory, the ideal version of what our clients aspire to achieve. If you’re looking to attract the female client who is a working mom, it's more likely that her goal is to lose weight, look "fit," and gain energy. She's likely not looking to achieve a completely cut physique with 10% body fat. An image of a trainer posing in a sports bra, may not resonate with your target market. Whether you're targeting athletes or seniors, make sure your imaging appeals accordingly.

The key to successfully marketing and branding your business is to understand your ideal client. Yet, there exists an all-to-common disconnect between the service we offer and the manner in which we're packaging it. The public continues to be more educated about the fitness industry and the value we can bring to their lives; our clients are more discerning than ever with the dollars and trust they invest in hiring a fitness professional. Be sure that your marketing and messaging aligns with the professional value you offer your client and you'll be sure to rise with the cream of the industry.