May 2 2007 12:00 AM

"Community service with medical facilities helps to build beneficial relationships with health educators and medical doctors."

Certifications & Education:

BS and MS in Kinesiology, California State University; IDEA Master Personal Fitness Trainer; ACE CPT; NSCA CPT; AAHFRP PRCS


Owner, Michael Seril Fitness Studio; 2006 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year; Author, Personal Trainer's Guide to Medical Referrals


Primarily, my facility concentrates on post-rehab fitness, weight loss programs and older adult fitness programs. Since my facility collaborates closely with the doctors and health educators in the medical community, the majority of my business comes directly from their referrals.

Michael on forming relationships with health professionals:

Community service with medical facilities, like offering free lectures and seminars for their education department, as well as writing articles for their newsletters, helps to build beneficial relationships with health educators and medical doctors.

Michael's advice for studio ownership:

Studio ownership success is really about knowing how much time you will have to put into your business. In fact, when I ent-ered into studio ownership, I already knew I needed to expend a lot of time and energy into this venture. But even then, I didn't expect how much was required. And so as a future business owner, you really need to have a business plan and learn as much as you can about marketing, putting a staff to-gether and managing your time. Knowing every facet of owning a business is the way to make your business succeed.