Many of us grew up thinking that we should work hard, earn as much money as we can and eventually share some of the excess with those less fortunate. We've also been taught to "demand what you're worth" from employers and clients so that we receive fair compensation for the expertise and value we deliver.

I agree with both ideas... to a certain extent. However, when I see how many people NEED what we offer, and how many can't afford what we do, I believe there is also tons of value in giving some of our hours away for free. 

Many of us are willing to volunteer our time at a soup kitchen, working with the youth at our churches or coaching our daughter's basketball team, but we wouldn't dream of giving our time away when it involves training. Why not? Maybe that's the charity work we are really called to do.

Of course you need to earn enough to make your bills. And yes, I want you to get ahead as well. However, a funny thing happens when you extend yourself in generosity: generosity comes back to you... often twofold. I'm always amazed when I take on a non-paying client how many really great things happen to my business. Not because I'm out looking for them. Just because...

Consider giving away a bit of your time and expertise. People are starving for it. And I guarantee it is one of the best business moves you can make.