Ilearned early on that we are motivated by moving away from painandtowardspleasure. I got into the fitness industry to move away from afamilyhistory of obesity, heart disease, alcoholism, smoking and cancer.Ialso wanted to move toward what made me happiest, which wasplayingtag, riding my bike, playing softball and cheerleading.

AsI meet personal trainers of all stages in their career and at all levels ofsuccess,I can't help but notice the varying degrees of motivation. When atraineris on top of the mountain, one of two things can happen:

One,the trainer finds the top highly motivating. It's easy to wake upandgo to work when things are in your favor, bills are paid, customersarehappy, you are getting eight hours of sleep and have time to work out.

Two,the trainer finds the top boring. She/he doesn't feel challenged,getsdistracted and loses motivation. The thrill is getting to the top, butoncethere, the trainer wants to move on to something more thrilling. She/he mayventure into other industries or look for new ways to expand.

I'veseen others whose motivation kicks in when they hit the bottom.Theyhave no more safety net; they are counting which client paymentsaregoing to pay off which bills before the money is even collected. Eachmorning,they awake and strive to please the most clients, educate and appreciatetheiremployees, cut back on unnecessary spending, get creativewithmarketing and get in front of as many new prospects as possible.

Anothertrainer in the same situation can give up hope, complain andblame,take every rejection as defeat and sink lower into a state of depression,whichwould be the very opposite of motivation.

Sois motivation the "glass half empty, half full"â❠scenario? Is it all in theperceptionof your situation? What if you had to be motivated?What ifanysecurity blanket you had were removed? Where would your motivationbethen? Would you step up because you had to?

Livelong enough, and you are going to experience trouble, difficulty,loss,hardship, failure, disappointment and tragedy. You have two ways torespond.You can be motivated by it, or you can sink into deep depression.

Myadvice would be to find a lesson in every victory and every valley.Don'task "Why me?"â❠Instead, ask how the experience can serve you inyourtransformation throughout your life. Transformation can only comefrominformation, experiences and revelation, all of which can lead tofreedomor a figurative prison.

Noticewhat excites and motivates you. The great news is that you canchooseto be motivated at any moment. How about you start now?

KelliCalabrese is the Master Trainer for BeBetterProjects, Adventure Boot Camp and IMPACT.Sheis committed to leaving a legacy inhelpingthe most personal trainers to ethicallybecomerevered as experts and enjoy an abundantlife.For more information, visit her websiteat