It would be remiss of PFP to have a mind and body issue and leave out the third part of the trilogy, "spirit." I know, never talk religion or politics. Well, this wouldn't be the first time I went against convention.

Four years ago while on a plane, I turned to a blank page in my notebook and in the middle I wrote the word "EXERCISE" and drew a circle around it. Then I began drawing tentacles out from the circle and wrote some of the following words; nutrition, environment, relationships, longevity, mental state, income and emotions.

I smiled excitedly, convinced I had just birthed the idea for my next book. In the weeks following, I researched the proven effects of exercise on income, health, socialization, longevity, family and so on for every major area I knew exercise affected. Then I met with a writer — who is in fact now the editor of this publication — and she listened intently. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Kelli, what if God was the center of the circle and not exercise?" I sat back in my chair, realizing that I could not argue. Instead of feeling defeated, I left the meeting, crossed out "exercise" and wrote "God" in the center and exercise as one of the tentacles.

If our talents are to help people live longer, stronger, more vibrant, healthful and energetic years in body and we know that our directives have a positive effect on the mind of our clients, where does the spirit's role lie? Current scientific findings confirm what we know intuitively; that spirituality is good not only for the soul but for the body as well. A growing amount of research is beginning to define the complex connections between spiritual beliefs and practices and an individual's physical and psychological health. Doctors are considering emotional, mental and spiritual causes for illness, and referring their patients to meditation and other programs for help in healing.
As trainers, we have witnessed clients enjoy relief from physical and emotional pain, a reduction in the symptoms of chronic health conditions and increased vitality and enthusiasm in their lives as a result of physical, mental and spiritual transformation.

The belief that you are able to use your thoughts, body, words and spiritual practice to manifest health in your body, mind and emotions can only enhance your and your clients' conditions. I invite you to accept the challenge to explore some deep questions about your purpose and how you can best serve your clients. What you will discover in answering that can open a whole new inner world.

Kelli Calabrese is the Master Coach for Phil Kaplan's Be Better Academy, an eight-month transformation to discovering the career possibilities inside you. This self-searching, mind shifting curriculum unlocks the potential in trainers who desire to have a career and life they can live to the,