The alarms clock bellows "time to wake up" again! You roll out of bed and start the same routine that you have performed (often in your sleep) and get ready to head to the gym. You show up early in the morning, train the same clients, listen to what is going on in their lives and hopefully find a little time to get a work out in for yourself. Tomorrow, you will do the same thing again, and the day after that. “The rut" has begun to form!

So many of my career trainers are looking at the first paragraph and relating all too well. I have found in my years of training that "the rut" gets easier and easier to fall into. The problem is, when we fall into a rut, we usually find that our training sessions follow the same pattern. Before you know it, the excitement your clients once experienced may not be as prevalent in your sessions as it used to be. Let me offer you a suggestion to "get your butt out of that rut":

Change up your own workout! When your own regimen is routine and stagnant, usually your training can fall victim of the same. We all love getting in that workout that makes us walk away breathing hard and knowing we are going to feel that one tomorrow. I know the best time for me to train is when my personal exercise regimen is on point. If you are the client I am training after I get a great workout, I can only hope you ate a good meal and got plenty of rest last night because we are about to get it on! When our own regimen is routine and stagnates, usually our training can fall victim of the same.

One idea of how to re-challenge yourself is to ask for a training session. When I know I am slacking on my personal workout, I go to the Gunn Show. Eric Gunn is a longtime friend and director of personal training for Lifetime Fitness in Flower Mound, Texas. Eric, like myself, loves to be pushed and is always ready to push the other person to the limit! Eric and I take turns dictating the next exercise or designing the workout of that day. 

The point is, I have a fun workout that pushes me beyond what I would do on my own, and we introduce new methods and techniques of exercise that build my training arsenal. Both Eric and I find ourselves always walking away from a great workout, and I return to my clients with revitalized energy and new ideas to mix up their training regimen. Everyone benefits! 

So start shopping. You may be surprised how many other trainers out there may be falling in the same rut as you and would love to share new exercise ideas and a great workout.