Dec. 3 2015
Endurance exercise accelerates the development of heart problems in individuals with a particular genetic mutation, a new study finds. In mice with a mutated version of desmoplakin, a protein th... View More
Dec. 2 2015
Sleeping later on weekends may be bad for you. Several studies have shown that there is an association between shift work and an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Now a new study..C... View More
Dec. 1 2015
Most male trainers who work with Mom’s have no clue how to speak to them or the complexity of the situation. This will help…Continued at the PDCT>>... View More
Nov. 30 2015
Chances are, you are feeling a bit hefty after the Thanksgiving period; the average American consumes an average of 4,500 calories and 229 g of fat during a typical holiday get-together. But thi... View More
Nov. 25 2015
The list of health benefits that accompany staying physically active is lengthy, but a new study suggests a further advantage; older adults who take more steps - either by walking or jogging - s... View More
Nov. 25 2015
A new study shows people's bodies react to the same foods in very different ways, adding to a growing body of research that suggests people may be better able to achieve weight loss if their di... View More
Nov. 25 2015
Perhaps the world's second-worst crime is boredom; the first is being a bore.” - English photographer Cecil Beaton I think I speak for all of us when I say, Boredom sucks. Most of us are... View More
Nov. 25 2015
Here's some serious food for thought: People probably consume 3,000 to 5,000 calories around the Thanksgiving table. Yikes. While eating often takes center stage during the holidays, that doesn... View More
Nov. 23 2015
Having a good breakfast is definitely linked to educational attainment, according to new research published in the journalPublic Health Nutrition. Continued at MedicalNewsToday>>... View More
Nov. 16 2015
Training can have a remarkable effect on all aspects of your life. Improving physical fitness will make you healthier and better able to cope with stress. You will look better and feel more conf... View More
Nov. 16 2015
When working with clients who are trying to change behaviors, the goal is to help them identify and integrate new, healthier behaviors into their daily lives. This involves a lot of focus on cha... View More
Nov. 16 2015
If you don't understand calories, macronutrients, and the value of whole foods, you'll never progress from average Joe to elite athlete. Unfortunately, misguided dietary recommendations and a... View More
Nov. 16 2015
Planks are effective for all athletes, regardless of age, gender, or level of athletic ability. The plank’s power to improve core strength and balance and develop better upper and mid-bod
Nov. 16 2015
Do you prefer to drive to work rather than ride public transport? The results of a new study might change your mind; riding a bus or train to work instead of driving a car could significantly re... View More
Nov. 16 2015
Being pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised by the taste of something can change a person's mood, according to research published in Food Research International. Continued at MedicalNewsTod... View More
Nov. 16 2015
In the wake of the obesity epidemic the US is currently facing, keeping an eye on one's weight may be viewed as a positive health choice. But a new study looks at the other side of the coin and... View More
Nov. 16 2015
Antioxidants are natural molecules found in certain foods that help neutralize free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are byproducts of metabolism and our environment. Continued at Medi... View More
Nov. 9 2015
I like to think of my strength training as doing and my yoga as undoing. I seek balance when comes to strength and flexibility. When our strength overpowers our flexibility, tension is the result. When... View More
Nov. 7 2015
It’s Not That Older Folks Need Less Sleep. It’s That We Get Less Sleep! Many older adults enjoy, like younger people do, about 20% of mind-restoring sleep. But deep sleep occurs less than 5%... View More
Nov. 6 2015
In this day and age of accessibility for everything from strength training and nutrition, to mobility and recovery, I find myself wondering where the simplicity has gone. If you are reading this you are... View More