July 30 2015
Pregnancy poses a unique challenge for scientific studies. As noted in an article in Women’s Health Issues, pregnant women are often excluded from scientific trials and studies due to the complexities... View More
July 29 2015
Previous studies have suggested coffee consumption may lower the risk of mild cognitive impairment. But new research suggests this protective effect may depend on how coffee consumption habits change over... View More
July 27 2015
Oleogustus is the name given to the sense of fat taste that researchers believe should be added as the sixth sense of taste alongside salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Continued at MedicalNewsToday>>
July 24 2015
Whether or not they live with their children, men gain an average of 3.5-4.5 lb after becoming a father. This is the finding of a new study by researchers at Northwestern Medicine in Evanston, IL, who... View More
July 23 2015
Participation in sports is often seen as the preserve of the young and fit. While the years from adolescence to young adulthood may be when bodies are at the peak of physical fitness, for women, this time... View More
July 22 2015
High television viewing and low physical activity in early and mid-adulthood may raise the risk of poorer cognitive function later in life, according to new research. Continued at MedicalNewsToday>>
July 21 2015
Five things for your clients to consider when picking a workout shoe. Continue reading >>... View More
July 20 2015
Doubling the amount of weekly moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise, to 300 minutes instead of 150 minutes a week, had a better effect on body fat in a trial of 400 inactive postmenopausal women. Continued... View More
July 17 2015
A meal in a restaurant might seem to be healthier than one eaten in a fast-food outlet, but according to a new study eating out at either location leads to a much greater consumption of calories than eating... View More
July 16 2015
Women who survive breast cancer are more likely to gain weight over the following years than women who have not had cancer - especially if they have a family history of the disease - according to a new... View More
July 16 2015
Stress has always been a hot topic for me. It is a critical area in our ability to develop a well-rounded health and weight-loss plan. And for many of us, stress leads to poor food choices. The term “comfort... View More
July 15 2015
Throughout history, milk has commonly been regarded as a vital part of a balanced diet. Popular sayings and slogans such as "Milk: it does a body good" and "Got Milk?" have brought milk into the mainstream... View More
July 13 2015
The world of fitness is fast paced, ever changing, and quickly growing. We’re always seeking the newest, brightest, and most recent programs and techniques. But what if you went in the other direction?... View More
July 10 2015
Chemicals supposed to be safe replacements for harmful chemicals in plastics are linked to hypertension and insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, find scientists from NYU Langone Medical Center... View More
July 8 2015
Achilles pain can be debilitating, frustrating, often long lasting. Traditional exercises for this pain usually include passively stretching your calves with a towel, going against a wall to stretch, and... View More
July 7 2015
This article outlines a sport-specific strength training program for freestyle sprint swimmers. It also includes illustrations of specific exercises. Continued at NSCA>>... View More
July 6 2015
Many of us grew up on a diet of white bread, chicken nuggets, peanut butter, and white pasta, with a few fruits and veggies thrown in. We know better now, but we all have our favorite dishes, like lasagna... View More
July 3 2015
Confused about fat? You're not the only one. Countless times I've heard: "I'm eating so healthy, really watching my fat intake, but still can't seem to lose weight." Since the 1980's she the low-fat craze... View More
July 2 2015
Summer is officially here, which means many of us are likely to be looking forward to a well-deserved vacation. For almost half of those who are jetting off abroad, the ideal vacation involves sun, sea... View More
July 1 2015
Keeping hydrated is important when exercising, but drinking too much can be hazardous - in some cases even resulting in death. A panel of experts has published new guidelines to avoid fatal overconsumption... View More